Christi Schroader

I grew up in Nashville, and its streets and hills still feel like home to me. My husband (Shayne) and I now live in St. Louis in a little 1906 cottage/farmhouse. I think we’re going to be working on it forever. We’re one season into establishing a 1/4 acre English garden and an orchard in the front yard (grapes, mulberries, apples, figs, blackberries). We love the adventure–and often chaos– of loving things back to life or bringing beauty to barrenness.

Shayne is a maker of many things, a musician/worship leader, and handy man. He’s a gentle soul with a vision for re-creation. We’ve been married for 13 years. Though God hasn’t given us children, we believe that nurturing the next generation of God’s family is every grown-up believer’s responsibility (and privilege).

I grew up in the Baptist Church from an early age, went to a Church of Christ affiliated University for undergrad, spent several years in a non-denominational church, and now attend a Presbyterian seminary. That’s an odd background, I know. It’s not a result of doctrinal wishy-washiness, but of a curiosity about (and true love for) the Church in its breadth and diversity. Time and study have refined and clarified my views. With all my heart, I believe God’s Word is the authority.

Shayne and I are lifelong students—especially of the Bible. The more we learn, the more we have to give away to others. You can read more about my training here.

If I’m not studying, writing, or researching, you’ll find me cooking (I was a food tour guide once upon a time), hiking, enjoying the company of other women, getting a prayer gathering going (one of my favorite things), or reading a book. In the past, I’ve made liturgical/devotional art. I hope to get back to it again at some point! I love being with people in the sacred space of drawing near to God.

What I believe

I believe the contents of the Apostles Creed. That’s good starting place. If you have questions about something specific, I’d be glad to chat!