A 10 Minute Reorientation for the Soul

This morning I sit bent over my beloved Bible; it’s spread out on my knees and the margin is as packed with scribbled words as the middle column is of printed text. The whisper came clear, “Psalm 111”.

Truth be told, I’ve been a little dry of late, a little afraid, a little pinched, and a little pushed. Maybe you have too. I’ve started to consider the future, not the past of His love, and then my soul got caught on this in a moment- like fabric swirling in a flood that’s hung up by a branch and stopped- I was saved.

“Great are the works of the LORD; they are studied by all who delight in them.” (Psalm 111:2)

I began to scrawl them in the margins, to list them one by one, from the Beginning, all the works of His I could name. Those who delight in His works, who find pleasure in them, will look long, will study, will muse and meditate; drink them in, and refuse to surrender their right to remember. So there they went, marching across millennia:

Creation; God clothing Adam and Eve tenderly after the Fall; promises to Noah and preservation; promises to Abraham; God’s appearing to Hagar

On and on and on it went, filling the paper so that it no longer lies flat but curls with the tension of the letters pressed into the page.

I shut the Book, but knew the list wasn’t finished. His works didn’t stop with the last page of His Canon. His acts are written down through the history of the Church, and down through the chapters and annals of my own life. I began to fill the bottom margin. What were His works in my own small story?

Out it flew in staccato torrents, bullet points with names and places and times and dates and real encounters. How could I not be awed by such flagrant generosity? He who had seemed such a miser a moment before, had been transfigured; restored to the Truth of Himself. The bright sun had burned away the filthy fear. This is a God who gives graciously, generously, ridiculously, relentlessly, audaciously. I’ve seen it more times than I have space to fill.

Why was I afraid? Because I had forgotten…forgotten to remember, and thereby to delight. To drink deep.

So, I put the same banquet to you today: great are the works of the Lord, would you call them from memory? Would you put them down in bullet points and delight?

Sometimes its the simple things that set the world back in order.

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