When you’re guaranteed to get what you want

“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13

Can it really be possible that I can have as much of Him as I want? As much as I’m willing to hold? In fact, that the whole of Him is held already in my arms and heart, waiting only to be beheld? Can it be that my experience of Him is limited only by my desire, by my capacity to stand mouth agape in awe as He grows bigger and more beautiful and more marvelous in my sight? Can that be? That there is so much of Him I’ll never touch it all, but that as much as these human eyes want to see, they shall? In what other area is this true? If I want money, shall I have it in ready supply? Not necessarily. If I desire health and  well-being, can I call it, and it will come? There is no guarantee. Can I put my hand in and draw out as many good friends, and as rich a set of relationships as I long to enjoy? It is not a promised right.  On and on, through every desire and craving. None of it shall be satisfied simply because I desire it. In no other arena is there a constant and unending supply awaiting only my green light yes to come spilling over the boundaries into my life. There is no other person, no other being, no other good, no other experience, no other commodity that is inexhaustible and on ready offer. None for which I need not slave away, none in which my labor is so disproportionate to the reward. There is only One Fountain. And all I need do is “open wide your mouth, and I will fill it”. There is no other such offer in all of life.


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