How Etsy can help fight ISIS

I had pulled down the Etsy shop; didn’t have many prints left to sell, and didn’t plan to make any more. The remnant sat, gathering dust: a handful of pretty cards, and a shelf full of art prints, now a little over a year old. They slept quietly.

But then this blog post came, and the truth was even worse than I knew- the flight of the persecuted before ISIS- parents having to decide which children they’d leave and which they’d save, and nine year old girls stolen and sold as standard practice. And what could I do? The action step was prayer, and provision. Preemptive Love Coalition longed to send children back to school. Now displaced from their homeland, a mercy effort would be their only chance at an education. They ached for grants for women left vulnerable in a foreign land; longed to spread their wings over the shelterless with a tent of emergency supplies. And what could I do? I had widow’s mites in the bank, and that wouldn’t be enough to keep a gnat dry.

But I had prints, had a cache of cards, and maybe I could liquidate the basement’s worth of old things. So, here’s where it is…. everything goes….to help mend what’s been broken if it’s possible- every penny of it after sales tax is paid and shipping is done. $100 will send 10 kids back to school. What if we could send 15 kids? What if we sent even one? Wouldn’t it have been worth reopening the shop? Everything is reduced in price and ready to run to the Post.

Here’s the link to the shop…this is the only place to get it…there’s no tab on the site. It’s just a pop-up market on a mission.


{PS, if you haven’t read Ann Voskamp’s article, it might well be one of the most important- if hard- things you’ll read today.}

Thanks for reading and praying, and not turning away from the hard things.



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