What Four Minutes of Eye Contact Can Do

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They faced off for four minutes- eye to eye; and its a funny thing that when you look in eyes you to see much farther.

He named the eyes as window to the soul, and meant no mere metaphor. If we want to see into one another, the sash is open and the curtains drawn back. We need only look deep and long; but it’s awkward to really see.

Beyond the veil of nervous shy, if we can stomach the storm, a light dawns; the fibers interweave and a connection is made; a substantial, deep marriage of hearts that in some ways can never be undone.

Shayne and I put ourselves to the test, and it was hard for kisses not to follow fast. On the far side of giggles came a knowing smile, wizened creases around the eyes warming in recognition, reaching out for touches, and the impulse to draw close. We lasted longer than four. The minutes moved on and still we looked– seeing not one another’s eyes, but one another’s depths.

This is real. And I wonder if we’ve ever looked in the eyes of some of those we love, or into the eyes of the One we love. Isn’t that really the kernel of what He asked of us? And isn’t that what all the devotional books ever written have been calling for? Look long. Turn the eyes to Me, and wait there. Oh it’s hard. We wriggle like Israel at the base of Carmel, begging Moses not to let God speak directly anymore because it was too hard; the Sun burned too bright and it stung their souls. The voice boomed love and it shook them so hard they powdered into dust right there at the mountain. That’s what happens when we draw near to the Holy. The faces hit the floor and we shudder and we draw in, and we reach a hand up to meet the One outstretched. And if we’ll look in His eye for four or fourteen or forty, we’ll find Him. “If you seek Me, you’ll find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart”. “Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to You”. Slide your hand into Mine, upturn your face, and “let your soul delight itself with marrow and fatness”.

May we barrel through the awkward, brave the fear, and let the intimacy follow: meeting not just human eyes, but the divine. The promise is that it’s on offer- ready and waiting for anyone who’s daring enough to have a go.



6 thoughts on “What Four Minutes of Eye Contact Can Do”

  1. Love you Christi! I’m glad to look you in the eyes anytime. Great reminder of the ONE who always sees us and never slumbers : )

  2. this is exactly what i needed to read. just this morning i was pondering a loneliness in my soul while among my dear church family. it’s the looking. the minutes. the stillness. the not turning away. the quieted mouth and the seeing eye that i need. thank you CGS. again.

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