Images of God: Wild Joy

Acrylic on canvas, 24X36
Acrylic on canvas, 24X36


This piece is part of a growing series entitled, “Images of God”.

When we describe the Lord, we often rightly begin with the words, “loving, merciful, holy, just, powerful…”, and we’re quite justified to do so. But often there’s a critical gap in the list; a missing word that’s capable of reframing our thoughts on God’s countenance…joy.

Many of us have never considered that the Lord is the most joyful Being of the universe- the fountain and source of delight, and it’s highest fulfillment. It’s not the god we were taught; but it’s the God He really is.

God smiles, laughs, and enjoys what He has made.

Several years ago, during a particularly hard season of life, the image of God as a wild old man dancing began to return to mind nearly daily, sometimes hourly. And since that period, I’ve started setting down in visible form some of the images of God that have most shaped my experience of Him.

My prayer is that for others, these artworks would serve as a means to muse and meditate on the wonder of God and to rise to Him in adoration and affection.

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