Joy Board


joy board upside down

This piece is a spontaneous generation.  It’s ever evolving.  At moments when my soul is full of joy, I grab a sharpie or paintbrush and add a layer to the growing catalog of moments and thoughts.

Most of the words are expressions of praise to God. When my heart is full, I’m moved to thanksgiving for the One who created all good things.

You might be thinking, “Does it bother you that you can’t read all of it?”

Not at all. Many of the things I create have layers of text that you would never know are there. There are often prayers written below the surface of my paintings. It’s the foundation on which many of them are begun. Since this piece is basically an extended prayer, it serves its purpose, which is to leave a visual record of the words my heart spoke in silence. God heard those words before my soul uttered them or my mind thought them.

Revelation speaks about the prayers of the saints as being fragrant incense that is kept in a bowl before the Lord’s throne as an offering. This painting is the visual recording of the contents of one of those  bowls. It’s spilling over with color and text; running, brimming, and lapping up and over until it can’t be read anymore.


joy-board-thumbnail joy board close up