Pen and Ink on paper, 12″X12″

In John 15, Jesus pleaded with us to remain in Him as He remains in us: to stay present, to make eye contact; ears open, heart soft, hands empty and waiting to be held by His, and feet ready to follow joyfully in the instant of His call.

He spoke in vivid metaphor the truth that we gain our very Lives from Him as a branch does from the vine to which it is attached. He is the fountain of all strength, courage, Truth, comfort, help, and sufficiency. A branch that has been cut off from its root quickly withers and dies, as does the heart of a man or woman who has long been away from its Home in Christ. We need Him at every hour, and in every breath.

This image also reminds us that each of us who has chosen to follow Christ holds an irrevocable place in His family, in His Kingdom. We literally have a “you are here” in Christ’s home. We, as followers of Jesus, are part of a connected whole.