Work I do

  • Basic Biblical research: (I say “basic” to distinguish it from scholarly/academic work— though I do love toiling around in an exegetical paper!) Basic research might mean doing the legwork for a book project or supplying study highlights or illustrations for a speaker’s multiple-session weekend. Sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth to go digging thoroughly in the Greek or the commentaries. (Given the average prep time for a talk, a 4 session weekend would be 80 hours of prep!) I can help take some of those hours off your plate and provide you with organized files of the most helpful highlights.
  • Writing: teaching has my heart, whether it’s in written form or in person. I love writing devotional material, Bible studies (my favorite), curriculum (for churches or parachurch organizations), and even an occasional blog post if the topic is right. I get a thrill from teaching people how to study the Bible as well. 
  • Prayer guides: one of the deep and enduring callings of my life is prayer. I love to help people engage God with intimacy through guided prayer. That can be in written form or even over Zoom or in person. 
  • Speaking/teaching: I saved this one for last because it’s one of the dearest to me. I love a focused retreat. When people give themselves to God’s Word and He meets them there, we’re watching something eternal unfold. Heaven and Earth mingle. God it waiting, aching, hoping to move powerfully with His people. We need it more than ever. For me, speaking is really about inviting God to speak. It’s a joy watch Him at work. Here’s a bit more about what I love to teach.

If you’d like samples of exegetical/academic writing, blog posts, curriculum for adults or children, or devotional writing, you can request them here.