Fix Your Eyes

11"X14" Graphite, Ink
11″X14″ Graphite, Ink

As time has gone by, I have come to believe that the central act of the Christian life is nothing more than remaining in close contact with God. If we can turn our faces to Him in a moment of joy, or an instant of panic, a wave of despair, or period of chronic doubt, then we have won. It is in that gaze that perspective comes, reassurance flows, and we are reminded that while the world’s events may be precarious, our inward Home is not; our place with God is not.  When we’re communing with Him, rooted in awe, we are moved into the world from a place of security and purpose. And even when we are deprived of His felt presence, the knowledge of His promised nearness can be trusted.

It is a skill to learn to remain before God as Christ said, looking in His face as we walk throughout the day, seated in our inner beings like Mary before His feet. It is both the simplest act of inward turning, and something that goes at first brush against our wayward nature.  But it is an art that is most worth the effort to learn, for from it flows incomparable Life.